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Meet the Characters

Sruf The Uffy


Scruffy is the first Uffy, where it all began!

He wears cool black glasses, blue trousers, a bright yellow top, and walks around with a rainbow cane because he cannot see very well because he is visually impaired.

He's cheeky, mischievious, always up to something. His name comes from his crazy, sticky up hair, that he refuss to brush and. some how, manages to get dirty.


(That's just as well, he likes a good splash in the bath).

Be careful not to get too close, or you may get bopped by his cane.


Pink, like Scruffy, cannot see very well, she walks around with a black and white cane and wears wicked red heart glasses.

Though she is quieter than Scruffy, Pink loves to be outside, gardening, flowers and jumping in very muddy puddles (the muddier the better). One day she would love to haver her own pony to ride.

The Uffy Boys like to play tricks on her, but they can rarely outsmart her.




Jeff is a big friendly giant, who is fully sighted and wears a bell around his wrist, so his friends can hear him.

He has long curly hair, that if it's pulled forwards, it's likely he is having a nap. Jeff can fall asleep anywhere, any time, sometimes half way through a sentence and he never sees the end of a movie. 

He gets grumpy if he doesn't nap regularly, but he does love his food - if Jeff smells food, that's it, he's off!




Scramble is the quiet one. He is either planning, inventing, reading a book or glued to his laptop.

He is a bit of an inventor and looks up to Professor Maybury, as his hero. Stay clear of him when Scramble is in the shed tinkering away, it may explode.

(Do not mention the popcorn incident).

Scramble has albinism, so he wears cool sunglasses as bright light hurts his eyes , he also wears a red jumpsuit so he doesn't get sunburnt.

Professor Maybury

Professor Maybury

Professor Maybury is an inventor and a friend of Dexter's Dad.

His lab coat is covered in stains and holes. Sometimes his inventions explode and may not work. Other times his inventions are the most amazing and wacky things you have ever seen.

The Uffy's give him pleanty of requests for technology to help make the world more accessable and fun.

Professor Maybury needs to keep his shed locked for safety, his last shed was flattened by the Mars Rover.


(He has had several sheds).


Gracie cannot see or hear very well, she walks around with a red and white stripy cane and  wears green hearing aids. She also has a pink bow in her short hair.

(Long hair is too much a hastle, there are better things to do than wash and dry long hair)

Gracie is always up for adventure! Go to the moon? Go Island Hopping? See who can make the biggest splash in a muddy puddle? Why not, this all sounds like good fun!

She loves bright colours and, enjoys spending girl time with her best friend, Pink, to get away from the crazy boys. If the boys are too loud Gracie will remove her hearing aids.



Dexter has a rainbow coloured cane and blue glasses. One of his eyes doesn't work very well , the other is very small. (Ask him why and he comes up with a different tale every time).

Our favourite is he got an eye puncture after being trampled by an elephant.

He is very smart, knows everything there is about our solar system and has a very encyclopaedic memory and knowledge. Dexter is also super bouncy and never stops talking (only when he is asleep).

He loves to give Professor Maybury a long job list.

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