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Our Story

A blonde haired boy with bright blue glasses, is dressed in a vibrant orange space suit, blue and red wellington boots, holding a long blue cane with a white ball on the end.

Over seven years ago, my best friend gave me a doll while I was pregnant, called Scruffy. Later, Scruffy became one of my son's (Dexter's) favourite toys.

Dexter was diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma at three months old, leading to his very first surgery. He then started to wear glasses at eighteen months old.

(He hated them)

So his dad made a pair of glasses for Scruffy, encouraging Dexter to wear his.

At two years old, Dexter had his fourteenth surgery where he lost vision in his right eye, registering him as severely visually impaired. After this diagnosis, he started to use a cane - so did Scruffy, made by Dexter's dad.

Before his third birthday, Dexter met his first friend, whome was visually impaired and used a long cane.

Dexter decided that Scruffy also needed friends, starting with Pink, followed by Scramble, Jeff and more - totalling up to fourteen different characters in his collection (you can meet some of them here). Scruffy and Dexter have had many adventures over the years.

We were once told that Dexter would need to start learning and using braille. We looked for books and games for him, finding that there were limited provisions.

Therefore, Scruffy the Uffy Books were born, with Scruffy as the star of the show, creating stories for visually impaired children and adults who like to read.

We have self published several story books, including three self touch books and a recipe book.

We have many more ideas yet to come, hoping to publish them as time goes on. Dexter has been the key figure in making these books, with creating the character names, activities and adventures.

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