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Dexter and Gracie go to Space

Follow Dexter and Gracie, on their trip to Space, in this inter-galactic tale, written by Dexter himself.

Find out what they get up to, in their space rocket and gadgets!

This book contains many scientifically educational space facts, that are easy to understand to all ages.
All the space scenes were hand painted by Dexter and,  the characters illustrated by our artist.

Want to learn more about Dexter and Gracie, check out their character profiles here.

Dexter and Gracie go to Space

  • Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm
    Paper: 200gsm
    Cover: 300gsm, spiral bound
    Font Size: 55pt
    Braille: UEB Grade 1 uncontracted

    8 lines of text per page, with braille at the bottom. Lots of bold and bright pictures.

  • Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm
    Paper: 120gsm
    Cover: 300gsm, perfect bound
    Font Size: 40pt

    These are smaller versions of our story books for those that need a larger font, that do not need giant print or braille.

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